Genymotion Device Image

Genymotion is a market leading Android emulation platform. Genymotion Device Image is fully interactive, allowing customers to scale Android virtual devices up or down as needed.

Genymotion Device Image is available as Amazon Machine Images (AMI) on AWS Marketplace, in both x86-64 & ARM-64 flavors with or without dedicated GPU. It is fully compatible with ADB and offers HTTP APIs & javascript SDK for live streaming in web browsers. We provide a fully interactive cloud-based Android virtual device accessible through a web browser. It is also applicable across multiple use cases, including mobile test automation, customer support and demo/training for Android services, mobile advertising and gaming.

Comprehensive features and functionality allow you to emulate sensors or data on your device using UI or APIs. Genymotion Device Image allows you to:

  • Install and run applications
  • Change the geolocation of the virtual device
  • Use your local computer camera & microphone, or an image file, to emulate the virtual device‚Äôs camera
  • Rotate the device
  • Copy/paste text from your computer to the virtual device
  • Take a screenshot or record a video of the virtual device screen
  • Change the Android ID or IMEI of the virtual device
  • Simulate the network bandwidth and baseband network
  • Simulate calls and SMS/text messages
  • Change the battery level
  • Simulate different type of consumer devices from low-end to high-end devices
  • Increase or decrease output volume
  • Put the device on full screen mode

In this workshop, we will focus on mobile test automation.